Kath Perry

Working in Sydney for most of her acting career, Kath has appeared in over 30 plays over the past 10 years for a range of companies including Factory Space, Phantom Limbs, The New Theatre, and Shadowlands Productions. Her favourite roles include Fay Black in 'Iron', Kate in Dancing at Lughnasa, Lady Angkatell in 'The Hollow', Mrs Kline in 'Mrs Kline', Sister Older in 'The Girl on the Sofa', Miss Belzer in 'When She Danced' and the Duchess of York in 'Richard III'.

Kath's Australian tv and film credits include roles in 'Sea Patrol', 'The Road from Coorain' and 'FARSCAPE' and a lead in the independent feature film 'Submerged'. She also does lots of corporate video work, short films and tv commercials.

Kath has recently moved to London, and is enjoying getting re-acquainted with the amazing theatre scene there. Her first full-length play on the London stage was Jason Charles' 'Estranged' which played at The Courtyard Theatre in Shoreditch for 4 weeks in April/May this year. She has also appeared in London Bites, Theatre Grand Slam, the Lost Play Festival and The Sitcom Trials.

Kath is the producer on 'Light Bites' and 'Tasty Treats' as well as a member of the ensemble cast. She is over the moon about the shows – 'great plays, great director and design, great crew and great cast' - and can't wait to get up to her ears in the 'buzz' of the Edinburgh Fringe.

Kath can be contacted via her Sydney agent – agent@onsettalent.com.au or at straylightaustralia@gmail.com

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