The Plays

Ready-to-Fit Pergola Kit by Polash Larsen
Norm wants to surprise the missus with a new pergola. And he does.

North by Marcello Fabrizi
After a weekend away, a couple find themselves stuck in the Australian bush... and with each other.

The Unusual Suspect by Glynn Oram
Tragic murders occur in strangely familiar circumstances. In Denmark!

Fight/Flight Mode by Suzie Miller
She’s always been frightened of flying but now she’s seen him, she’s terrified.

Beijing Big Mac by Alex Broun
They’re strangers in a distant city. Can Big Mac save them from themselves.

The Gap by Phoebe Hartley
They're cold and hungry. They've got to escape. They've got to escape. They've got to escape.

Six Minutes and Counting by Jackie Greenland
Could the threat of a counter-counter-threat to counter the enemy's previous counter-threat possibly save the world?

Gallery Sketch by Nick Parsons
Cause and effect reigns - but whose work is it really?

Tight Spot by Peter Shelley
Trapped in a lift, the world expert on potato peelers spills the beans.

Haircuts by Con Nats
As Sweeny Todd would say, "There’s more to being a barber than cutting hair. Much more."

Falling, Praying by Tom Taylor
A man and a woman jump from a plane. They thought it would be a whole new experience. Got that right.

A Little Blue by David Bulmer
A fight in a car - well, a Land Cruiser - leads to a whale of a time down on the beach.