Tom Taylor

Author of Falling Praying.

Tom is a multi-award-winning playwright whose works have appeared on four continents (it's hard to get a play on in Antarctica). His playwriting career has seen him win awards for comedy, drama and musicals.

Tom is best known as a comic book writer with credits including the ongoing ‘Star Wars: Invasion’ series for Lucasfilm and Dark Horse Comics as well as Gestalt Publishing’s ‘The Example’, ‘Flinch’ and the upcoming ‘Rombies’ and ‘Brief Cases.’ He has also written for TV, radio, magazines, musicals and live sketch comedy and is currently writing the animated series ‘Alien Dave’, in development with MIA productions. Tom is working on several additional projects including two short films, two feature films and several comic books (including several unannounced Star Wars projects for Dark Horse Comics and Lucasfilm).

Tom is thirty years old - statistically more than one third dead.

Tom is trying to create a perpetual motion machine using only a tissue, a pen and an R2-D2 key-ring… it doesn't seem to be working.

'Falling Praying' was first seen at Short + Sweet Melbourne in 2008, when it was nominated for Best Production and Best Comedy Writing. The play won Judge's Choice and People’s Choice awards at Crash Test Drama 2008.