The Others

Other Aussie Plays
at the Edinburgh Festival

We would like to take a moment to highlight some of the other plays that are showing at the Edinburgh Festival 2009.

  1. EONN-ic Eclections
  2. La Petite Mort – The Orgasm
  3. Unit 46
  4. This Mortal Coil
  5. La Dispute

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EONN-ic Eclections

  • Emanda Percival
  • Matt Butcher
  • Nicholas Whyatt
  • Orlena Steele-Prior

EONN-ic Eclections, three short plays that illustrate how the human psyche performs in the face of love, money and friendship.

‘Mulv’ by Kate Toon.

In a comic look at how money can twist the mind, four advertising executives are charged with selling their own flesh.

‘Spots’ by Steven Hopley

A postmodern look at how the human mind reacts to fear and friendship. As a group of friends come face to face with their own mortality, their minds dictate if it’s all for one and one for all, or each man for himself.

‘The Badger Game’ by Kate Toon

The power and perverseness of our minds in the pursuit of true love is brought to life in the retelling of Jean Lee’s story, the last woman to be hanged in Victoria, Australia.

The world premiere of the three plays will be performed by EONN-ic, a troupe of Australian actors at the 2009 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Mon – Sat, 6th – 22nd August
6:30pm – 7:30pm
The Space @ Jury’s Inn, Theatre 1 (venue 260)
£7 / £5
0845 508 8387 / 0131 226 0000

  • Kate Gaul
  • Jarod Green


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La Petite Mort – The Orgasm

‘Australia’s Hottest Cabaret Diva’ Isabel Hertaeg has arrived in Edinburgh. Her show, La Petite Mort – The Orgasm is set to climax at Edinburgh Fringe with the support of Laughing Horse’s Free Festival.

"Not only a cabaret extravaganza of sexual and sensual songs; it was highly sex-positive, provocative and feminist." - Pleasure Activism Australia.

La Petite Mort – The Orgasm is a comical cabaret romp through sex and sexuality.

Did You Know:
  • Scientific research has associated true love with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, which means that love, like OCD can be treated with Prozac.
  • The vibrator was originally invented as a medical instrument and preceded the vacuum cleaner as a household appliance by 9 years.
  • A Canadian medical journal recommended intercourse as a possible treatment for incurable hiccups after an Israeli man cured his 4-day long case of hiccups by having sex with his wife.

Isabel’s kinky, comic & sometimes shocking tales, accompanied by all your favorite sexy songs, will have you squirming, blushing, laughing & crying, perhaps even at the same time.

Prepare for a post-coital smoke after this foxy ride.

"Best Bets of the Melbourne Fringe Festival" Jo Roberts, The Age, Australia.

Isabel Hertaeg has trained in acting, singing and dance in Australia and Latvia. Her cabaret works focus on femininity, society and sexuality. Works include
  • Lady Cordelia
  • Winterbottom’s Etiquette Hour (formerly the Lounge Set)
  • Isabel Hertaeg is Marilyn Monroe

On late at the Free Fringe
Venue: Counting House 170 – 38 West Nicholson St
Preview: Aug 6 00:15 Duration: 60 min Cost: Free!
Season: Aug 7-13 00:15 Duration: 60 min Cost: Free!

“The biggest draw here is Hertaeg’s powerful voice, she quickly sets a sultry mood and is well on her way to becoming one strong cabaret diva” – Australian Stage Online

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Apartment-living – mad, sad and dangerously funny.

Bingo! World War Three in suburbia where it takes one to make a madhouse and two’s a crowd. Crazy comedy.

Cry with laughter as apartment enemies Tim and Diane strip, shower, drink and dream together without knowing it. ‘Painfully Funny’ (Daily Telegraph)…‘A must for anyone’ (Express Media). Oh, what a lovely war!

Unit 46 Reviews
  • Express Media: “A must for anyone”
  • City News: “Inspired.”
  • The Brag: “Don’t miss it”
  • Drum Media: “Kingsford-Smith and Armstrong are outstanding
  • Daily Telegraph “Painfully Funny”


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This Mortal Coil


“For in that sleep of death, what dreams may come when we have shuffled off this mortal coil…” (Hamlet Act III Sc I)

Sydney Theatre School will be staging it's first international production at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 2009.

Seven characters are catapulted into a mysterious world to confront their destiny. Seemingly waking from a dream, the group of women are challenged by the caretaker of a black room with no doors to complete a task that will change their lives forever. As each character reveals various aspects of her past and tries to uncover her reason for being there, it becomes apparent that there is more to the caretaker and the room than first meets the eye. The women also discover that each of them has a past and view of the world that is vastly different from the other.

The play’s themes are both universal and timeless - the treatment of women throughout the ages; fate vs. self-determination; the possibility of life after death; and the evolution of western society.

This Mortal Coil is a fresh and intriguing work, developed through improvisation and performed by an exciting new group of graduates from Sydney Theatre School. Receiving its world-premiere at the Edinburgh Fringe, the play will not only entertain, amuse and delight audiences, but also challenge them to question their views on a range of issues, and to reflect on the meaning and purpose of their own lives.

Written and Directed by Mark Matthews

  • Linzi Aland
  • Kathryn Bluhdorn
  • Steve Maresca
  • Pollyanna Nowicki
  • Sophie O’Brien
  • Felicity Penman
  • Kelly Robinson
  • Michelle Sewell

Edinburgh Fringe Festival – August 10-15, 2009
Fringe Venue 40 - Quaker Meeting House
7 Victoria Terrace Edinburgh

Dates: 10-15 August 2009
Time: 18.30

Ticket Prices: £7.00 / £5.00

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La Dispute

La Dispute is a comic, physical re-telling of an ageless story of teen love, teen sex and those who like to watch.

You are invited to witness an event that no one has ever seen before…

Two boys and two girls, raised in complete isolation for twenty years—from the world and from each other—are about to meet for the very first time.

What relationships will form, who will be unfaithful first—women or men? And who’s watching?

La Dispute traces a chaotic journey through the joys and devastations of romantic love, based on Marivaux’s original tale and brilliantly re-told for the 21st century by an ensemble of international actors and award-winning young writer Andy Hyman.

La Dispute marks the premiere Edinburgh production of new company Owl Farm; connecting young international artists from classical and experimental backgrounds – with cast and creatives hailing from the UK, USA and Australia.

Directed by John Kachoyan
* ‘The rising star of the Australian theatre scene…’ – Sydney Village Voice

Written by Andy Hyman
* ‘…a fledgling John Osbourne.’ - LA Weekly
* ‘…a wunderkind…’ – Los Angeles Times

More details: Cast & Creatives

PRESS INQUIRIES: Nicholas Thompson
m: 0783 028 1415

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